MACRO: Yet Another HTML Link Creator

There are many of these around, but I didn't find one that worked like I needed to cover my three possible possible use cases, which are:

  1. I have some text selected in an editor, and want to wrap it in the href tag and paste the URL that I've copied from somewhere. Something like this: <a href="{paste}">{selected text}</a>

  2. I don't have a copied URL, but I don't have any selected text, so I just want to insert the href tag, and put the cursor in position so I can type the link text, like this: <a href="{paste}">{cursor}</a>

  3. I'm an idiot and tried to use my macro when I don't have a URL as the most recent item on the clipboard. This happens a fair bit, as I'll copy a URL, then forget I'd copied some text from elsewhere and get annoyed when it gets inserted as a link.

The following macro handles all three cases. It first makes sure there's a URL on the clipboard; if there's not, it plays an annoying noise and optionally displays a notification.

Next it checks to see if the Copy menu item is active—if it is, it means there's a selection. It cuts the selected text, does some clipboard manipulation, and winds up pasting the link in finished form.

Finally, if there's nothing selected but there is a URL on the clipboard, it just inserts the tag and puts the cursor where it needs to be for me to type the link text.

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The attached macro is disabled and does not have a trigger assigned; I have mine in a global group, assigned to Control-U because I do this a lot.

Create hyperlink.kmmacros (38 KB)

Feel free to ask if you have any questions;