Macros in Adobe Lightroom Classi 9.4 fail

I've had some macros I've been using for a few years in Adobe Lightroom Classic, and most of them are pretty simple things like Manu commands and keyboard press sequence. I just upgrade to KM 9.0.6 and now all my macros just beep instead of working as expecting.

Troubleshooting steps I've taken include rebooting the machine, relaunching KM, and recreating the macros from scratch. When I test a macro from KM it works, but it won't work when I attempt to run it within Lightroom.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any tips?

I don't have any issues with my Lightroom macros. Have you tried this:

TIP: Resolving Catalina/Mojave Accessibility/Security Permissions Issues

Thanks for the suggestion. The solution turned out to be even simpler. I must have updated Lightroom and didn't realize it, which changed the app name. That means that the "Enable in these Applications" context wasn't recognizing the updated path to the app. I'm back in action. Thanks!

Ah, that one has bit me too! Glad you caught it.