Macros queue

Hello savvy wizards:

I got a couple questions:

  • How to run next macros in line once previous is finished?
    Ex: lets say run macro 4 after macro 3 is done

  • Is it possible to force KeyBoardMaestro to ignore button background. I use macros online at Twitter and Tumbler and sometimes they slightly change background but image stays the same, but unfortunately KeyBoardMaestro stops working until I update image?

Thank you!

Easy. Just put the “Execute Macro” Action at the last Action in each Macro. See the “Execute” Action Category.

Not that I know of. I have dealt with this type of issue by using a series of nested If Then Else Actions, with a Find Image on Screen action with the different buttons in each If Then Else.

Yes, but you will need to get the HTML XPath for the button.
See Click item on Chrome or Safari page by XPath

It is better to post independent questions as independent topics. Otherwise the topic becomes very confusing and the answers are all jumbled and the information is less useful to people in the future searching for the same sort of problem.

I’ll stick to the first one, macro queues. Please post the other questions in new topics, and then they can be answered there.

A macro can execute another macro using the Execute Macro action.

There is no UI for you to select multiple macros and have them execute sequentially.

You can execute macros via AppleScript, so it would be possible to create a script that listed a set of names and let you select a set of macros and then executed them.

Or you could perhaps have a macro that asked you for which macros you wanted to execute and then execute each of them, but you would need to specify each macro and choose which Execute Macros to perform.

I got it. THX

Can you please share one of your “If Then Else” Actions, with a Find Image on Screen action with the different buttons in each “If Then Else”.

Thank you!

As Peter suggested, it is best to start a new topic for a new subject.
I have done so. My answer is here:


thank you:))) it is reallly helpful!