Make a macro to make macros

I would like to make a macro that makes macros.

My use case is adding buttons to a StreamDeck that move emails to specific folders. (Happens to be in IBM/Lotus Notes but that’s immaterial.)

I have manually set up three such buttons and macros - and they follow a pattern - both in the title of the macro and one typed string action.

This is manual and my list of folders is dynamic.

So is there a good discussion on how to automate building a macro, probably from a template (XML?)

Maybe not “good” discussions, but related:

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Hello Martin,

I have a very similar use case. For my case, I use the Mac Citrix Viewer to log into my Windows workstation at work. We use Outlook 2016 but I think our situations are similar. I receive approx 150 emails per day and dragging and dropping emails to their appropriate folders got to be a chore so I understand your troubles. I have over 400 products that I have to maneuver through and they can be active or inactive based on where the product is in the lifecycle. Anyway, I have a macro that creates the filing macro for each of the products. I have a template folder called Mail Template and I use a mcname variable to input the name of the product for filing. Even though I have a Stream Deck, I mainly use a floating palette that houses about 100 active products. So either I'm pressing the product name or I'm using voice commands to file for me. But saying that, I do have the Mail Macro as a StreamDeck button.

This is what the macro does. Hopefully, you will understand how this process will work for you. It can be done for your situation.



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Can you share this macro brother...
I want to edit it and use it in my workflow as well.