Manipulate a list window when it shows on screen

Hello everybody.
This is my first post on the KM forum, please bear with my inexperience and with my English...
I would like to know if it's possible to manipulate the list window related to the "trigger macro by name" action (resize it, make it full-screen in particular).
I'm using KM and Applescript a lot (I'm self-taught), and my macro names are usually "descriptive" (not very short), as I tend to forget their content pretty quickly.
I'm aware of the "manipulate KM's Display Text" macro, but here it's a different thing: I don't know how to retrieve the list window "address" (it doesn't seem to be the "front window", neither in Applescript nor in KM).
At its standard size, the macro list window cuts most of their names.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As a side note, I noticed that the "Prompt with List" action features an "Automatic Width" option for the items in the list window.
Is there a quick way to get the same with "Trigger Macro by Name"?

Hi @freewind1974,
Have you tried this macro:

I have not tried myself, but i think you should be able to resize the window somewhere.

Hi Martin, thank you for the link!
I haven't figured out how to resize the list yet.
The macro above is very smart, I'll check if I can add the hot keys to the list...

Thank you!

In the macro, there is an action:

The highlighted number, 600, is the width of the prompt window width. You may change it to another number.

This action is inside a group of actions:

Looks great!
Thank you very much, Martin!