Markdown Hashtags to Todoist Task

Hi, I'm still on a learning curve and keep receiving wonderful tips from this site to automate my world so I thought I would ask the complexity of automating the following...

I commonly use markdown for journal entry as I'm learning functionality more and more. When I am writing I often think of tasks which I need to accomplish. Currently I use hashtags for these (ex. #action_item: sample text here). The most common application in which I do so is DayOne; however, I am also rather fond of both Bear and Ulysses. Afterwhich I manually scan my journal entries and copy all of the action_items for which I then create tasks within Todoist. I was hoping for any advise where there must be an automated way to trigger a KM macro when entering a #action_item. And perhaps the proper syntax such that I am able to extract the "sample text here" ? I then I already have a macro to create the Todoist task, but need advise regarding the first part.

Also, kindly advise if I am going about this requirement in a more complex way than needed...

thanks again for any advise!

It is easy enough to trigger a KM Macro using any Typed String trigger, but you will need to provide us with much more detail of:

  1. Real-world example of text you will be typing
  2. What text you want to use to create the action in the other app
  3. How you would manually use text on the clipboard to go to the other app and create the action
  4. Real-world examples of each the results in each app you want to use.

Also, please first read:
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