Menu: View > 'Toggle Enable' changed in 8.0

Here is something keeping me from upgrading to KM 8.

I used this in 7 to quickly enable or disable either:

  1. a macro
  2. a set of macros
  3. an action
  4. a set of actions

KM - Enable HotKey.kmmacros (2.7 KB)

In 7, the menu item was simply "Toggle Enable", regardless of the state of the selection.

In 8, this has been replaced with more dynamic text. I don't have 8 in front of me, but I believe the wording would change based on whether it was already enabled or not, AND if there were multiple selections I think it says something like "Enable X macros" or "Disable Y actions".

How can I write an equivalent menu toggle in 8 -- one that works for the 4 dynamic situations I described?

This should do the trick:


Use this RegEx for the Menu Item:
^Enable|Disable Macro

It will match either "Enable" OR "Disable"

You are far from the first one to encounter this issue. Here's a simple macro that I wrote back when 8.0 was first released that covers enabling and disabling macros, macro actions, and macro groups: