"Merge with row above" behavior

When I put the cursor at the start of a row and hit Ctrl-Delete, the row merges with the one above, but the cursor then jumps to the start of that row, instead of resting at the start of the newly merged text.

Unfortunately, the merging doesn't put a space before that newly merged text, so I have to manually click there and hit spacebar.

Is this normal behavior? It seems you'd want the cursor to land right at the start of the text that's been merged into the row above.

What object are you referring to?
KM does not support tables in any way that I know of.

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It’s possible @rbanks88 means “line” when he says “row” and is talking about a text editor. But I agree it’s unclear.

Oh my gosh! I posted my question to the wrong forum! It's an issue I'm having with OmniOutliner, not Keyboard Maestro.

Going stir crazy from too much time in the basement!



You’d not be the first to do that. You might be the first to admit it. :slight_smile:

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