Midi Controller to Fader Dragging - Is This Possible?

After reading the forum for a while, I now have a question I could not find an answer for:

I want a Midi controller to simulate dragging a fader with a mouse. The controller is an endless knob and I was able to get the mouse movement right within KM. The problem, where I get stuck, is pressing and releasing the mouse button. I would need KM to send a mouse down when the first value comes from the controller, then move the mouse while values keep coming and finally release the mouse when the controller stops sending values. Is there a way to accomplish that with KM?

Thanks for any hint.

Thanks Peter. That brought my macro up and running. I had to add a condition and a delay.
Now it looks like this:

And this is the Trigger:

And of course there is a matching macro for the other direction.

Seems to work fine ...
Thanks for your help.

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Great. And for the next version I have fixed that erroneous warning in the last action - you can remove it by switching the action from Release to Click, turning off the “and hold” option, and then changing the action back to Release.