Midi Knob Click+Drag mapping not working as expected

Hi there, I’m quite new to Keyboard Meastro. I’ve previously used Controllermate but need to switch since they no longer seem to be under development. Anyway I’m looking to port the setup that i’ve used to controll Davinci Resolve with a Midi Fighter Twister and Streamdeck XL.

My frist problem is to set up the operation to map a fader knob to a y,x click and drag. I used the method outlined in this post:

Midi controller to fader dragging - is this possible?

When I turn the knob the drag works a bit but then continous to jumps back to the start position
even before the time set for pause is over. It seems to be confused by the number of Midi CC messages it recievs. Is there a way to filter Midi Trigger inputs. For example trigger on every x-th input?

How does the pause action usually operate. Does it start and finish everytime its triggerd. Or does it reset if its triggerd again before its time has run out?

If I am understanding you, you are triggering on MIDI events coming from the controller?

Keyboard Maestro will trigger an instance of the macro for each matching MIDI event, so you will have a bunch of macros running simultaneously.

You can start your macro with a Semaphore Lock action, with a very short timeout aborting the macro without notification. But in that case you will miss any events that come in while your macro is running, so you may stop short of the final value.

Dear Peter, thanks a lot for the Sempahore tip and explaining the parallel trigger situation! Toghether I could finally make sense of how the Semaphore Locks actually work :wink: It helped a lot. Together with RegEx matching Midi Packets it could really streamline the whole thing. Let’s see where it takes me.

Three things that I would like to suggest. Since I’m new please excuse if they don’t make much sense or are discussed already:

— It seems to me that having exclusion parameter right up in the Trigger sections could be helpfull to save overhead. For example "Trigger if + Trigger not if/while"

— It would be great if the Semaphore Timeout / Notify Settings could be set or at least shown right on the action instead of a submenu.

— It would be awesome if the Send Midi action would have an option of selecting another device as Midi recipient.

Excluding what?

They are rarely used - including them more visually would add clutter and complexity for cases that are rarely needed.

That happens at a different level, I don't have any ability to do that as far as I am aware.