MIDI Program Change Action & Midi to External Device

Keyboard Maestro doesn't natively send Program Changes, so I made this little group which outputs PC messages as hex. Set the desired Channel and Program Numbers in the purple and green actions respectively. Credit to @Nige_S for his help converting the channel number.

MIDI Program Change.kmmacros (21 KB)

Macro screenshot

Keyboard Maestro can't specify output ports, so this is what I'm using for sending MIDI to external devices:

  • Download and install SendMidi via Homebrew.
  • Execute a shell script with parameters according to the instructions on the Sendmidi site.

For example, this sends program change 15 on channel 12 to the port "IAC Driver Bus 1":


Wow! This is even more than I expected! I'll dive into it, thank you!!!

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"Set Variable "ChannelCode" to Text "C%Hex1%MidiChannel - 1%"?

:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: Brilliant! Replaced above. Thanks!