Missing a macro I made - where to find?

I was reorganizing my first dozen or so macros that I created into separate Groups, which worked well, except I realized when I was done with the process that I lost one of them. I've searched pretty diligently through "all macros" - first by name and then by keyboard trigger and I think it's really gone, not just misfiled. Fortunately it's a trivial macro than I can easily remake but I'm curious how this might have happened? I just created a junk macro and then deleted it - there's no "are you sure" prompt and no "trashcan" to pull it out of, is there?

I created a bunch of macros before I discovered this one was lost, so I know there is a 'revert macros' but I don't quite understand how to use it to recover a macro that was there yesterday without losing the ones I did today.

Any ideas?

One option would be to export all your current macros, revert back to a point before you lost your missing macro and then import your newer macros.

FWIW, I use Library syncing and have the library file in my Dropbox so I have another option of rolling back my library.

However, I also use this amazing macro by @DanThomas to backup/restore individual macros and/or macro groups periodically. It has saved my bacon a few times.

Macro Repository Suite: Backup and Version Control for Keyboard Maestro - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

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One method to restore a lost or damaged macro is:

  • Quit & Relaunch the editor (this sets a specific state in the Revert Macros option we will use below)
  • Use the File ➤ Revert Macros menu to revert to a specific date in the past when the macro existed.
  • Export the lost or damaged macro
  • Use File ➤ Revert Macros to revert back to At Editor Launch (or Before Last Revert, but that is more fragile, hence the relaunch the editor).
  • Import the macro.