Missing forum posts for KM10 features

Hi @peternlewis - KM10 looks fantastic. I've been looking through the release notes but a couple of the referenced forum posts are missing e.g.

Added option to include Macro Groups in the status menu bar. (forum)

Added configurable Favorite Actions. (forum 17)

I'm particularly keen to try out custom menu items but can't suss out how to do it ...

Yes, sorry that was a link to a PM topic, which Discourse doesn't make very noticeable.

There is a similar topic that I have adjusted it to now, which is here:

As far as the documentation goes, see:

You can also display the Macro Group in the menu bar. You can select which icon to display and what title text to show in the macro bar, both of which can be dynamically updated allowing you to show information like stock prices, word counts, reminders, time, etc. For example, you could have an icon and time that showed how long you had been working without a break. The menu can include all the macros in the group, or just those macros with the Group Status Menu trigger.

The options are fairly self explanatory.

I plan on doing a Tips post in the near future.


Hi @modusop, you can either add a single action to the favorite Actions or several. Depending on how you need it.

In this video you will find 2 examples of creation:

To call them later, you can use the macro do this post:

For a better overview and just to show my favorite macros I put a "# " in front of the name.

This looks like in this post:

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Typo in that first linked item "it the" instead of "in the". (first paragraph.)

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@modusop here is an example of how you can set up and use the display in the Menu Bar. I am also just trying it out.


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Thanks @appleianer - that looks great. I'm intrigued by the moving "levels" menu bar icon a couple to the right. Is that perhaps showing mic level?

I would love to have an icon in my menu bar which shows whether the mic is muted - any ideas on how to do that please?

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That appears to be a SoundSource icon from Rogue Amoeba.

Sound Source (by Rogue Amoeba)

It's an outstanding app and they have a (very limited) free trial. It lets you see each applications sound output, microphone input, adjust EQ and volume boosters for each app as well as route sound output to specific devices.

You can also mute the mic from the menu bar item, which of course can be integrated into a Keyboard Maestro macro.

Let me know if you have any questions about it because I've been using it on a daily basis for work for about a year now.



@modusop there @cdthomer was faster with the answer.... yes, it is the app Sound Source

So I made it easy for myself and use the app MuteKey (free) from the Mac App Store.
Of course not without including them in a Keyboard Maestro macro :wink:


19)Mute : ⌃◀︎ <2508 211103T153341>.kmmacros (26,4 KB)

19)Mute : ⌃◀︎ <2508 211103T153341>

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How do you like that app? I have used a variety over the last year:

MuteMe (also has a physical LED mute button that connects via USB and changes color depending on mute status)

There has been things I've liked and disliked about all of them. I also built a rather extensive macro library for MicDrop and MuteMe that I incorporate into my workflows.

But I haven't heard about MuteKey.


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@cdthomer for my purposes optimal and for free. You can not do anything wrong.
I will have a look at your links. You never know, if there is not something better :wink:

Thank you for sharing.

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