Move and resize action resizes but does not move window

The Move and Resize action in Safari (or Chrome) resizes a window but does not move it to the upper left-hand corner of the screen. It also causes some subsequent actions, such as Insert by Typing not to function properly.

Hey there, one observation... that action would resize/reposition the front window the to left half of the screen, not the upper-left corner.

That being said, does it work if you trigger the macro/action a second time? There are documented cases of the manipulate a window action not properly moving a window.

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If possible, post your macro, or at least a screenshot of the entire macro and a screen recording of the issue. Otherwise it’s unlikely we’ll be able to help.


The Move & Resize action moves & resizes the window using the Accessibility API. The API will not move or resize the window so its off the screen, so the action repeats the sequence twice: Move, Resize, Move, Resize. Using SCREENVISIBLE should ensure the window can fit in the desired location, but it is possible there is some other blockage that is stopping the movement, so you can try making the window smaller and more away from the top corner and see if that helps and if so look at what might be blocking the use of an area of the screen.

This sounds like something else entirely is going on.

Thank you. I greatly appreciate you folks always responding so timely. Your customer service ethic is the best.

Sometimes your recommendation for making the window smaller and placing it farther away from the top corner works, but not always. It works more consistently for me just to do a Move SCREENVISIBLE action to get a window snuggly into the upper left-hand corner of my screen and then do a Move and Resize action to get the window resized the way I want it. I suppose sometimes this approach really is redundant and unnecessary, but so far it seems to work.

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