Move file to new location via spring-loaded folders

I don't know if this is even appropriate for KM, but I really miss an extension I once had which would allow me to move or copy a file or folder to a new folder via a contextual menu item that let me drill down into the folder hierarchy via spring-loaded folders.

Example: Right-click on a file or folder to open up its contextual menu. Choose the item "move to new location" or "copy to new location." This opens a fly-out menu (in column view) which begins at root-level, and lets you drill down via spring-loaded folders to a target folder anywhere in the hierarchy. When you've dropped the file or folder, the contextual menu snaps shut-- although I think holding down the option key might have kept the target folder open.

This made it so easy to go through my folders and move stuff to other locations-- but at some point, the extension was no longer supported by the Mac OS, so I had to go back to opening the target folder in a new window.

Is there any way a KM macro could give me back that sort of functionality?


But if you can live with a regular save dialog, something can be done.

On the other hand you're probably better off:

  • Copying the given items(s) with C.
  • Navigating to the desired location in the Finder.
  • Using V to move the copied items to the destination folder.


Sure, I can always open up a new folder and navigate to the location. It's just that, having had a better way at my fingertips, I'd really like to have it again. But thanks for your time.

You might like this app.

Thanks, but not really what I'm looking for.

Hey Kenneth,

These won't do what you want, but perhaps they'll give you some ideas.

Move Items from a Source Folder to a Designated Target Folder

Open a Folder in the Finder via a Path List in a User Prompt

I also have one similar to the open-folder macro that moves selected items to a designated destination chosen using a Prompt With List action, although that one's not posted on the forum.