Open a Folder in the Finder via a Path List in a User Prompt

Hey Folks,

I have a bunch of keyboard shortcut driven AppleScripts for opening various folders in the Finder. Too many in fact – I'm running out of viable keyboard shortcuts.

So I created a macro that uses a Prompt With List action with a list of folder paths as its source.

This is easy to customize and relieves my memory of the burden of remembering more keyboard shortcuts.  :sunglasses:

It supports tags using the format: @YourTagNameOne, @YourTagNameTwo...

If the path source file does not exist, it will be created with a starter group of paths and tags.

Select '-- edit path file --' to open it in your default text editor.

I have a similar macro for moving files/folders that I created years ago.


Open a Folder in the Finder Specifed with a List Prompt.kmmacros (12 KB)


In terms of this function, I used to use Alfred, which you may know. Please highlight what is different? :anguished:

Hey @az22c

I don't use Alfred, so I have no idea.

I do use LaunchBar and could use it for this task, but I like the way Keyboard Maestro handles its search function better for this particular job.


For Keyboard Maestro covering over all Alfred's useful functions, it may have a long way to go.

In some condition, Alfred was in good design, after longtime optimization. That may can be referred to.

Hey Folks,

Here is a companion macro to the one above.

It lets you add the selected folder in the Finder to the above macro via a keyboard shortcut.

It also lets you add tags to the folder path, before it's added to the path database file.

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 19.57.30

Add your own tags in place of the default examples and press Return to complete the action.

Delete the examples and press Return to add to path with NO tags.

Press Esc to cancel the action.

Or click the buttons of course.


Add Selected Folder to 'Open a Folder in the Finder Specifed with a List Prompt' Macro.kmmacros (13 KB)

Keyboard Maestro was not designed to replace Alfred.

Personally I would never give up LaunchBar in lieu of Keyboard Maestro, because it does things KM and other utilities don't.

I could probably switch to Alfred if I had to, but I've been using LaunchBar for much too long (20+ years) to switch without a very compelling reason.

I also use Typinator for text replacement, as it is far more efficient for that job than Keyboard Maestro. (48820 snippets and counting.)

No one would expect Keyboard Maestro to replace all other utilities.

It's just that Keyboard Maestro has the ability to make the impossible possible on a Mac, and it has the ability to make your Mac work more the way you want it to.