Move Mouse to Highlighted Text?

Hello. I'll soon have thousands of emails with data that needs to be catalogued. The email will look similar to the attached. I use the Mac OS X mail client.

I need to download the jpg (under "upload your picture"), name it based on the room type (under "choose the room..."), and place it in a folder based on the name of the person (under "Name"). I think I can figure all of that out with basic keyboard shortcuts, but I'm struggling with how to move the mouse to each of those 3 sections in order to copy or click the text I need.

For example, I figured I could do a search for "Name", but I don't know how to move the mouse to the highlighted word it finds. From there, I could just move the mouse down a few pixels and select or click text as needed. If I can figure out how to move the cursor to specific pieces of text, I think I can handle it from there.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


You have a fairly complicated workflow, that is probably best solved by using an AppleScript.
The Apple Mail app is scriptable, but I rarely use it.
Chris @ccstone is the master of both AppleScript and Mail, so maybe he will have some suggestions to offer.

You might also do a Google search of "AppleScript Apple Mail" to find some examples.

I'll do some searching, but I don't know the first thing about scripting.

I did find this: Is it possible to move mouse until a certain color is underneath the cursor and then stop?

Would something like that work to find the color of my highlighted text and then move the cursor to it? I tried recreating that macro, but without any success. I keep getting an error that says "move or click mouse no image specified".

It's working! I just took a screenshot of the piece of text I need to find and the macro moved the cursor to it using the Click at Found Image function. Cool!

I think I'm all set...this is certainly a bit complex and this is just the very start of what I need to do with this info. Wish me luck! :smiley: