Moving Actions That Have Selection Options Within a Macro

Sorry if my topic is maybe not precise enough but my English is not sufficient to do better.

I love KM and cannot live my Mac life without over years now. But there are some things I often stumble over like my last post about the cancellation notification. Here is another one.

If I move an action like i.e. "Execute Macro" that has the option to select something from a list (in this case the target macro) I almost always grab the macro selection by mistake instead of being able to drag the action to a different location. I'll attach a GIF. It shows that this selection field is active from the left to the right over the whole area of the action. No matter how long the action is displayed to the right hand side.

Would it be possible to limit the entries of these kind of lists to the name length so that I can grab my actions in the right hand area without selecting something by mistake? Another workaround would be a border that shows the whole list area so that I can put my mouse above it. Currently this entry area ain't visible.

Is it just me who has this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

I hope I made myself clear enough. Sorry again, if not.


EDIT: My GIF was converted to a JPG so I provided a link instead.

Hey Hans,

I find this issue annoying as well, but I think it's unlikely that Peter will change the behavior.


Train yourself to NOT grab the name-space.

If you spend a couple of minutes of concentrated effort, you can build the muscle-memory.


I agree this is a PITA as it sometimes trips me up also.

I don't know if this behavior can be changed, but maybe this will help.
Note that the selection popup (Macro Name in this case) is initially in grey, and then changes to white, highlighting it, when the mouse pointer moves over it.
Maybe that will help you avoid clicking on the popup.

2021-04-21_20-09-38 (1)


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Just a side note. I noticed, starting a few days before, when I tried to attach a gif, the forum only uploaded a picture. I had to upload the gif to another website and paste the link to the forum here. The behavior is not consistent. Sometimes, I can upload another gif successfully.
Not sure if this is your issue here, but it looks like the case. I see only a picture, not a gif.

Thanks a lot Chris,

for your confirmation as well as recommendation.

I totally agree that a bit more of concentration would help but that is not my biggest strength to be honest and to say the least. I alway try to do things fast and even don't have in mind that some of the actions need more attention than others. :wink:

But Peter's "Noted" let me really look forward to one of the next updates… :grinning:

Thanks also JMichael,

I know that it is visible before. But in some cases my text is just short and the whole action box long. And as already mentioned I am mostly not aware of the kind of action and if it needs my attention before dragging or not. And as mentioned, even bordering or giving the text area a different background color would definitely help to make it more obvious.

Thanks so much Peter. I am really looking forward to what you will come up with. :+1:

Hey Martin,

thanks and yes, I also was a bit astonished as I uploaded my GIF because first it looked like it works. But then I recoginzed it was converted into a JPEG as mentioned. I really wonder why it now shows a still image again even though I edited my post and changed the image to a link on one of my servers like this…

Not sure what happened afterwards. :thinking:

Great. Thank you @peternlewis This one trips me up all the time.
And a very similar thing happens when I want to drag an Action that refers to a specific Application. I keep accidentally invoking the Application list when I just want to drag the Action to a different spot in the Macro. Maybe this is just me? But I still do it a lot and sometimes leave the Action set to the wrong application. It happens if the mouse clicks anywhere in this area, which being near the centre point of the Action I find myself always doing when I want to grab and move the Action...

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These should be resolved for the next major version.


I can confirm this is now resolved in KM 10. Thank you Peter!

Oh really? Thanks @Zabobon for sharing the information. Then maybe there is either a misunderstanding or you might have a different v.10 of KM.


I will try and make a Screen Recording of what I am getting.

Okay - so, the particular Action that was tripping me up all the time, was the one "Activate Application". Clicking and dragging in the centre of the Action would change it to a different Application. That is definitely fixed now.

With your example, "Copy to Named Clipboard". I must admit that I never use that Action. I see that Clicking in the centre of that Action works as expected. But I also see that clicking anywhere on the same horizontal level as the dropdown list changes the list which suggests this particular Action has not been fixed.

Screen Recording 2021-11-19 at 22.05.51-Animated GIF

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Yes. In the meantime I also checked some other actions and can confirm that they are fixed now. Maybe it's just this one or some others that we might stumble over when we need them in the future.

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Apologies not to reply quicker - it took me several takes to do the screen record...

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No worries, no need to hurry at all. Great that it's probably just one or a small amount of actions that made their way around the fix. :wink:

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Timeout. I've been clicking and dragging just under the gear icon so @Zabobon can you go further to the right? My thinking was Peter had to make room for longer macro names and clipboards per an earlier request. Can you try that and report back? It works on my system.

Try clicking under the gear icon to see if that works.