Multi-Step Prompt

I am new to KM so excuse me if this is a simple macro to create. I am trying to make a multi-step prompt (wizard?). Do this, click next, then do this, maybe even make the prompts conditional. It wouldn't need to interface with anything for now, just a decision tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @freshlesh3, do you mean such a prompt?

[Test Forum <4DC1 210120T081601>.kmmacros|attachment]

Test Prompt <4DC1 210120T082152>.kmmacros (20,4 KB)

Thanks for the response @appleianer. What I mean is each user input would then open a new prompt window and with additional conditional prompt windows.

I've attached with I am trying to do based on your macro.
Test Prompt_v2.kmmacros (23.6 KB)

@freshlesh3 I would have implemented this exactly as in your macro. There would be the possibility to work with a picklist. Like here:

Thank you @appleianer, I'm still tinkering with your suggestion but my goal is more to open multiple prompts in succession than selecting the option from a list. Is there something that I am missing from the linked method?

Your macro looks like it should do what you want. Have you tested it?


If not, please provide specific questions.

Hi @JMichaelTX, I have tested it but it closes after the first prompt. I'm not sure what I'm missing.

You have the wrong KM Variable for the Switch-Case: Should be "Choose"


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Thanks so much @JMichaelTX. Really appreciate your attention to detail. Works great! I'll post my macro once I have the workflow complete.

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