Mystery Font Change

I have a macro that searches for numerics in selected text then changes them to super script (i.e. bible verse numbers). It also changes the font to "Default" even though I have selected no change in the font. I can't figure out how to leave the base font be as it is.

We also cannot figure it out unless we have the macro. Please post it so we can take a look at it.

How do I post the macro???

In Keyboard Maestro:

  1. Select the macro of interest.
  2. Choose menu item File>Export>Export Macros…
  3. Choose a name and location for the exported file. I always use the default name (which is the name of the macro itself) and my Desktop.

In your web browser:

  1. Navigate to this page.
  2. Start a new Reply.
  3. Drag the exported macro file into the text box of the reply.
  4. Add whatever comments you think appropriate.

Use the Share-to-Forum function of the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

manual:Editor Window [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

See the Share button. Also note the Share submenu in the File Menu.

Automating Sharing Macros or Actions to the Forum - #2 by ccstone

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

Resize the Keyboard Maestro Editor for Sharing to the Forum

Doesn’t sharing directly to the forum start a new thread? That’s the way it looks to me whenever I start that way.

All you have to do is copy the text and dismiss the new thread – then paste to your desired location.

Or you can use my macro that does all the work for you – up to the point of pasting.

Automating Sharing Macros or Actions to the Forum - #2 by ccstone

Of course! [smacks head]

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