Navigate Palette With Keyboard

Is there a way to navigate a palette with the keyboard i.e. up/down arrows to scroll up/down the list of macros and enter to trigger a macro listed in the palette?

In a Conflict Palette?
Don't know if possible

You can use numbers as well (press 1 for the first option, 2 for the second one, and so on)

The answer is no, you can’t, in a conflict palette. See here:

Hey Ross,

As @tiffle says...

Have you thought about a Prompt With List action?

A couple of keystrokes, Return and you're done.


This native KM action will allow you to search for macros and navigate with the arrow keys through the list:

There is a macro made by @DanThomas that allows us to do more.

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Execute Macro by Name is great thanks

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