Need help with going through a list of task in order with hotkey!

Hi guys, either my searching skills suck or I what I want to do is simply impossible…

Basically I want to make a makro that has for example 10 different paragraphs stored in it, and every time you press the hotkey for this makro, it will type paragraph 1 and the next time I press the hotkey, it will write paragraph 2, with the one and same hotkey!

Would appreciate all help… thanks guys

Can you provide more detail?

  • What application(s) are you working in?
  • Are these ten paragraphs always the same?
  • Do you need to be able to choose the paragraph?
  • Are you copying ten items from a source and pasting them into ten destinations?


This should get you started.
It is just an example and may require further adjustments and testing by you before it is ready for production use.

A "paragraph" is defined as text that ends with a new-line character ("\n").
You create this just by pressing RETURN key, except for the last line.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

##Macro Library   Cycle Through Paragraphs @Example

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/16b2fbfdfcaccd2fc9300f511cfda4da32bcecc6.kmmacros">Cycle Through Paragraphs @Example.kmmacros</a> (6.9 KB)



This macro was uploaded in DISABLED state. You will need to enable before it can be triggered.
You may also want to assign different trigger hotkeys.
One hotkey must use the SHIFT modifier, or the macro must be changed.


<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/7fd1a6ea6b9e279fc34bea1e7870d4e139dfa7e1.png" width="598" height="1931">

Hi guys, thanks for the quick reply and help… Let me clarify further with what I mean by giving you an example:

I press F12
The makro inserts by typing "Hi!"
I press F12 AGAIN
The makro inserts by typing "Goodbye!"
I press F12 AGAIN
The makro inserts by typing “Thats cool!”

Do you see what I mean? Different text I have chosen for each time I press the same hotkey is what Im trying to achieve! :slight_smile:

That is what @JMichaelTX’s macro does.

Command-Shift-F2 will start the cycle and display/type/paste “This is paragraph 1.”. Then Command-F2 will do the next paragraph, and Command-F2 again will do the third and so on.

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Thanks alot for this macro! Works wonderfully except for one thing Id like to ask about,

I understand the first paragraph is ended by a dot “.” and then it goes to the next paragraph and dot “.”

What if I want to change what determines the ending of the paragraph? perhaps with the help of a “#” or “)” for example, anything but a dot “.” ? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Actually the end of a paragraph is determined by the newline character (invisible).
So feel free to end your paragraphs with any character you like.

Have you tried it? Just put your text into the first Action:

I see that now, thank you very much sir!

This has helped my workflow tremendously!

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One more question, what if I wanted to randomize which paragraph the macro chooses? so it doesnt go in order? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Do a Forum Search on “random” and you will find a number of topics that should help you.