Need Regex to Extract Word After Specific String

I have a document that I want to search through and copy the first word after "Location (some number)" to another list. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use regex, but I know it can be done. (I guess I just want to find all the first words after "location x").

An example text is below:

Useless text.... 
Highlight(yellow) - Location 228
More useless text.... 
Highlight(yellow) - Location 232

Try this regex:

Location \d+[\s\R]*([a-zA-Z]+)

and what you have in bold should be in the capture group.

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Please provide a real-world example (not made-up text) of both your source text and the results text, using the forum Code Block. It is important to use the Code Block to retain all invisible, non-printing characters.

Also, how do you define "word"? Is it the standard Regex definition of a word? If not please provide us with the list of characters that you consider to be valid characters in a "word".
And, will the "word" you want always come at the start of a new line, or can it be on the same line as the "Location nnn" text?

Thanks. thoffman666's post worked as I needed it too.

Please provide a real-world example...

I will be sure to include that info if I need help in the future @JMichaelTX