Need Trigger: when Finder's "window title changes"

I want to trigger a macro when Finder's "window title changes". Is this possible?

If I use the trigger "The focused window: the focused window title changes", then the macro triggers every time any application's window changes, creating undesirable CPU usage and log items. And each additional macro with this trigger would compound those issues.

So it would be nice to have an Application argument here.

Alternatively, it could be under the trigger "This Application:" so I can choose "Finder" then "focused window title changes". That's actually where I looked first.

Or maybe I'm missing something.


Don't know if this will help but, if your macro is set to trigger when the focused window title changes you could put an If action as the first one in your macro, similar to this:

KM 1 2020-10-04_14-10-22

so that subsequently your macro will perform other actions depending on the Finder's window title, and not anything else.

Obviously, you'd have to use the is/is not/contains/... specifier properly to identify what it is about the Finder's title that makes you want the macro to run.

Easy to fix.
Create a Macro Group where Finder is the ONLY available app.
Put your macro in that group.
The macro will ONLY be active when Finder is frontmost.

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Thanks @JMichaelTX. I do have this set, but the log still shows a macro triggering every time I switch windows, since the trigger requirements are met.

I'm not sure how much CPU overhead this is creating, maybe I'm being paranoid. I guess I'm just wary that it isn't scalable since more macros like this would probably start slowing things down.

Is there a way to prohibit the triggering of this macro from creating a log item?

Edit: I've shared the macro here:

Sorry, that is inconsistent with my testing. Please review your Macro Group.
If your macro is firing for all apps, then your Macro Group is NOT setup correctly.
If you can't fix, post a screenshot of your Macro Group.


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Oh wow! So I was responding to tiffle's post, and didn't actually see JMichael's until just now (even though I tagged him).

Thanks @JMichaelTX, your solution works. I'll update my other thread.

This is so helpful since I'm always using "IF" actions to limit macros to certain apps. I didn't realize I could make Macro Groups for my most common apps. :partying_face:

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