Nested Palette Macros Are Triggered When I Type


In the example below,

  1. a macro triggers a nested palette
  2. the nested palette contains macros which each have their trigger.

The result is a disaster. When I type something in DevonThink and happen to type a letter corresponding to a macro trigger in the always active in DevonThink Inspector nested palette, a macro is triggered.

I thought that I had solved this by using Show Palette for one action, but the fact remains that the nested palette is always active.

I suspect that the configuration of my nested palette group is wrong.

Thanks very much!

Perhaps this isn't a correct assessment, but it sounds like the same issue discussed in another thread:

@peternlewis assessed that issue and said it would be fixed in the next release, the beta for which currently confirms resolution.

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I am a bit nervous about beta versions. I just had a terrible experience with another app. What do you think ?
Bug aside, do you think that the configuration of both the macro and the nested macro group are OK ?
hello, @peternlewis your input would be greatly appreciated.
thanks very much !

I don't know why you wouldn't just give all the macros the “N” hot key trigger and let Keyboard Maestro figure out the rest with the Conflict Palette.

I have never had an issue with a Keyboard Maestro beta. That said, I am not a high-end user compared to many around here.

As for configuration, I don't notice any issue, but it's a setup I've never tried, so some ignorance may be in play here.

It's possible Peter may comment here noting something he sees in the macro. But if it's the same issue from that other thread I'd guess a fix is about to happen, like any day now. Please note my use of "guess" because I have no actual information from Peter; I'm just guessing from historical patterns.

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  • that's what I used to do for years and is no longer possible with the conflict palette bug.
  • and nested palette macro groups are IMO small and easier to manage than a huge group with multiple conflict triggers.
  • worst case scenario, what are the risks of using the beta version of KBM ?
    thank you Peter

Thanks VERY much for your comment. Let's see what the master says

Did the 9.1 release fix your issue?

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It seems so. I have not had a problem since 9.1. I am in the midst of undoing all my workarounds
thank you for asking and thank you @peternlewis

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