Newbie ? How to dismiss simple CAPTCHA popup

I have some long running Google Colab notebooks. Can KM check in the box for the type of CAPTCHA shown below. If so, I would very much appreciate any guidance on how to approach or pointers to macros which would be helpful. I have seen the @ccstone Window Information Tools thread and the clickmouse action discussed in this modal popup related thread. But not sure how to pull it all together in KM when various notebooks might be running and presenting the dialog. Note, they would all be in the active macOS visible desktop.

I currently use Chrome with Colab but happy to use any other browser should that be simpler.

Sure, you can use the Click at Found Image action to click on that.

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as suggested by peternlewis. you will need to set the size of the Safari window to the same size each time as the image may change or be different for each computer you want to use this on. I always maximize the windows when I want to find and click on an image. once you set the Safari window size then copy and paste the image in the image block. Use shift-control-command-4 to copy the area of interest.

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