Newbie Question: How to define a variable as 'Global'

Apologies in advance. This is so fundamental, the answer is probably staring me in the face. But I just can't see how to this.
Probably a RTFM Newbie question, but practically, how do I define a 'global' variable that saves its data to disk and can be read from any macro (I have found this referred to in the manual. But I just can't understand how to implement this.)
Detailed comments greatly appreciated.

You nailed it. See the KM Wiki Variables

Global Variables

Global Variables are permanently stored on your Mac drive (like a file), and are available for read/write in any Macro or Action, not just the Macro where the Variable was created. These variables persist between logins and restarts of your Mac.


Basically all variables are "global" variables, UNLESS the Variable Name starts with one of these:

• Local
• Instance

OR, Start OR End With:

• PW
• Password

Does that make it clear?

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Thanks very much. That was exactly what I had not understood.
Brilliant! Appreciate your help!

Thanks [quote="JMichaelTX, post:2, topic:14121"]
Basically all variables are "global" variables, UNLESS