Newbie to Maestro: Question about original key STILL being output despite macro?

Hi All,

I literally just started my trial minutes ago, so forgive me for the newbie questions and what's sure to be a ton of new posts.

Basically, I'm trying to set up some macros within Logic Pro using a secondary Apple Magic Keyboard, where I press a key that runs a Logic key command to select members of a group.

My main problem is that the original key trigger will still go through. For instance, in Logic, hitting 'r' will start recording in the app. I set up a macro where 'r' on the magic keyboard should select a certain group. But when I try this, Logic will still start recording, and then half a second later select the group. It's now doing both my macro and the original key when I want it to just run the macro.

I imagine something is off in my setup. Can anyone give some insight?

I do not know Logic Pro. You set up a macro with KM with "r" as the trigger? How exactly? What you describe sounds to me like you are using a string or a usb device key as a trigger instead of a hot key. Is that possible? Probably it would help if you post your macro.

Thanks for the reply! Here's a screenshot of what I've set up:

Screen Shot 2023-08-18 at 1.06.18 PM

Yes, as far as I know, both are triggered in this case. Unfortunately, I do not know how to avoid this.

Would something like Karibenar Elements be the only solution, then? Keyboard Maestro can't ignore the initial 'r' input at all?

I only know that BTT can do this. The app remembers the keyboard on which the "r" is typed. However, the trigger corresponds to a hot key.

When using a secondary keyboard and USB Device Key triggers, the keypress will always register and there is no way around it that I know of.

That's a real shame. I did end up downloading BTT, and yup, that app can do it.

I hope KM can implement this someday or someone can figure out a workaround.

As far as I know, the Device Key trigger is designed to allow keys to go through, while the hotkey trigger will swallow the keys.

If the trigger in BTT corresponds to a hot key, then there is no difference with the hotkey trigger in KM?

If Karabiner Elements is too complex, an easy solution may be to use a function key (F1, F2) instead as hotkey trigger, or to use devices such as Stream Deck.

BTT is able to differentiate hot keys coming from different keyboards.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood.
I didn't know BTT could do this. Do you mean "Works on keyboards with same type as used for recording?"

I tried it. It doesn't differentiate my external keyboard. I recorded on my external Logitech keyboard (K750), but the hotkey works on my native keyboard as well.

Yes, this is the feature I'm referring to. That's odd that both keyboards are still mirrored for you -- my settings match yours from what I can tell in the attached photo, and my keyboards are successfully mapped differently, thanks to BTT.

Hi @peternlewis, Is it possible to add a device hotkey trigger? In other words, it will be the same as device key trigger (differentiating devices) except that it will swallow the key input.

I can see many people with multiple keyboards will love this new trigger.

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Unfortunately (or fortunately!) it will always be the case that one app can do something that the others cannot. That's why many users use both apps. This has an infinite number of advantages. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," Aristotle would have said here, too, had he known how well KM and BTT work together. :grinning:


The system hot key API swallows keystrokes but does not differentiate between Keyboard Maestros. Nothing I can do about either of those facts.

The USB Device Key trigger operates at a very low level viewing USB HID events that can't safely be swallowed at that level. Unlikely I can do anything about that.

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The "workaround" is that the other keyboard is its own macro group that is turned on and off. However, keys can also be assigned twice and three times on only one keyboard.

This is the way. Get a used one on eBay and never look back.


That would be a really bad coincidence. It would mean that both keyboards report the same value.

If you want, try this. Record the shortcut "r" with your external keyboard. Then copy the shortcut from BTT and paste it into a text app. The result should look like this.

The yellow highlighted part shows the identifier of your external keyboard (in this case: 2508).

Now do the same with the internal keyboard and compare the values. Are they really the same?


In my case, both are 0.


This is tested on another external keyboard, Logi MX Keys. Guess it'll be the same for K750.

Which BTT version are you using?