Notification of using an existing hot key trigger

When creating a new macro, is there a way to receive an immediate notification that you have assigned a hot key trigger that is already in use? I remember in QuicKeys if you used an existing hot key, it would put up a notice. I know I can wait until the Conflict Palette comes up, but I would prefer to know as I am creating the macro...

Well it is not immediate, but as soon as you use it, if it is already in use, you will get the conflict palette, and then you can change your hot key combo trigger.

thanks jonathonl, but as I mentioned I do not want to have to wait until the conflict panel comes up - sometimes it is days later that I use the macro. I would prefer to know of conflicts as I create the macro...

There is no automatic way. But you can easily search KM for the hotkey.

No automatic way... that's a bummer. I will add a suggestion.