Numbering Files added to Folders




I'm adding files (can be text files, emails, pics, etc.) to folders. Sometimes the folders are newly created for the file being moved (usually from the Desktop in iCloud to a folder in iCloud) and sometimes they are existing folders with files already in them. I can always move from the Desktop if that simplifies things.

Mostly these are client destination folders and the files being added are my various records of my interactions with them or notes about them or invoices to them, etc.

If there are a lot of interactions there can be a lot of files. To help me keep track of the order of interactions (and flow of our conversations) I've created a palette that adds a prefix (1,2,3...) to the file name. This requires selecting the file then clicking on the number in the "sequencing" palette. This works well for the initial ordering when I haven't done so ongoingly and have to sort things out.

You'd think (well at least I think) that sorting the folder view by date created or date added would keep things in order but I haven't found that to be the case so I usually end up going in and wrangling things into order manually. The real mess is then finding additional items later that require a bunch of renumbering to get it earlier in the sequence. Sometimes it's easier to cheat and just add a "a" or "b" after the number it comes after then renumber 20 items. @DanThomas has a nice mechanism for this in his MACRO: Palette Organizer.

Anyway, there seems to be two cases.

  1. Newly created folder with the first file being added.
  2. Existing folder with existing numbered files and a new file being added that needs to continue the existing sequence. This might be manually dragged in or moves by a KM macro aimed at that destination folder.

Is this clear enough to work with? If not, what is unclear?

Thoughts on how to do this or better use of existing Finder functions?

Thanks for reading!