One macro gone haywire, can I use timemachine to get working version back?

Its friday evening... one macro that worked yesterday gives odd results. long time since I created it, can't remember how I made it. but it starts, now, by using the hot key combo:
Command, option, shift, T
what happens next is non-usual window popping up and ends wit a PING sound

maybe I posted it into the library, but can't see it there, it was named: “4_Header-Synopsis_fixer”

any help here?

If it was working correctly yesterday, the easiest way to restore that version is using the KM Editor > File > Revert Macros > <Yesterday'sDate> menu


BEFORE Starting, see the following:

Wauw.. I better buy a hat so I can throw it in the air in joy and relief.
chose revert 2 days back and the macro's are back. and they work.
Excellent option you have built in... Hat off

I believe the culprit was not really in the macro but in my hardware setup.
I have an iMac27"-5K and a separate 33" LG-4K monitor connected by USB3. this monitor also have displayport input, which is connected to my old trusted MacPro and 2 HDMI inputs, one going to my AppleTV.
normally I use just the Imac, and the extra monitor is powered of. But it may happen that I work dual screen, and then takes a break watching a TV movie. This mode change is done on the LG. it works fine, but even when the LG is used for TV, my MacOs assumes that I am still in dual mode... thus making my "screen" superwide pixelwise.
The specific macro, that collapsed my results, is using the "command T" to bring up the text/font/size window. this always takes up a fixed position in lower right corner of my mainscreen. in this particular situation I have selected a specifik number of pixel-counts from "upper left corner" of Mainscreen, so the macro can enter a fontsize in the correct place.

SO when macOS 'knows' that there is a wider screen the preset pixel-count hits wrongly if hitting any windows at all.
I can probably ad something to my macro, but ... if it aint broke, why fix it ... :slight_smile:

OK, if I understand you correctly, the Macro was fine, it was just being displayed in a manner that confused you, correct?

It worked and then did goofy stuff again
Either because the delay I have inserted was too long...
I use the command T to set the size of premarked text, and then same command to have the system font box go away.
Maybe my initial pixel coordinates were borderline.
Anyway I put a piece of tape on the screen and marked the sweet spot, and then from macro uset the ‘get’ option for the coordinates. So this evening it worked.
I seem to have learned that command T will only bring up the font window, IF fonts are marked. If this marking somehow evaporates the command T will give me a Finder window


Still getting baffled, then I discovered that there is a size difference of the 'Font window' depending of dark or light mode... so I'll have to find a different way to run this simple thing (entering 2 digits defining font size in the font window)
maybe you know of this but here are the screenshots, and you'll se the dimension of the two versions are not the same, quite peculiar

I don't see that. Looks like to me you are comparing the Fonts window from two different apps.

When I compare the light & dark Fonts window from KM Editor, they are identical:


I just found the reason so to speak, there seems to be one version called Skrifter (fonts) (evoked on danish text) and one almost identical called Fonts evoked on English texts. you don't see it because you are only using one language in your setup!
the two windows, in my screen have the input place some 6 mm apart.
I never saw this before. maybe I can make a call to one box specifically?

If you're clicking the mouse in a location then can you set the reference point to be the top right corner of the font/skrifter window? That way it would not matter if one window is wider than the other as per your screenshot.

Thanks for input.
Yes that would work on normal window, but this one is only visible "from Scrivener"... as soon as you click outside of scrivener, as I will do, to enter input in KB, the Font window evaporates.
the way I implemented it originally was simply putting some tape on the screen and marking the spot. then by trial and error using the "GO" button I iterated my way to that spot.
not very sophisticated but it worked... until the font window began to move a bit. Probably because I turned my secondary screen on, even it was showing input from Apple TV via HDMI and the connection to my iMac is via USB3...

If anyone could suggest a different / consistent way to make the selected text at 36 points that would be great.

I have looked deeply into the setup I have, using an external LG 4K monitor.
in settings / screen,The Imac is set to standard and the LG is set so there is more space on the screen, but the windows are smaller. changing this is a no-brainer, because each screen has its own settings....

BUT... when / if you select the "Duplicate screens" option this will also lead the iMac screen to change proportions, visually... therefore the "Font" window changes place.
What I have not found out is why the system sometimes shows the "Skrifter" and in dark mode. I may never find out :slight_smile: and that I can live with...
so for now my macro is running without glitches