Tutorial -- Restore Macro from Prior Version - YouTube

Tutorial -- Restore Macro from Prior Version - YouTube

Use Case

  • You have a macro that you have either deleted, or made major changes to, and it is no longer working as it was before.
  • You want to restore a macro in its entirety from a previous version.
  • You want to obtain Actions from a Prior Version of a Macro

All of the above is fairly easy to do, once you know how. This video tutorial will show you how.

EDIT: I have added time tags/links to each step that will allow you to jump directly to the section of the video. The links will appear in the YouTube Video Description field, but you will have to first click on the "More" button to show the full Description.

PURPOSE: Show How to Restore a Macro from a Prior Version of the Macro.plist file

The steps shown in the video are:

1:50 -- 0. Backup your official Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file
3:24 -- 1. Select Macro in Current Version
3:47 -- 2. Add Date to Name to Help ID
4:13 -- 3. Revert to Prior Version of KM Macros.plist
5:10 -- 4. Select Same Macro (if not already selected)
5:27 -- 5. Add Date to Name of Prior Version
5:55 -- 6. Copy Selected Macro
6:28 -- 7. Revert to “Before Last Revert” — returns us to Current Version
6:58 -- 8. Paste Prior Version Macro Exported in Step #6

Questions, Comments, and/or Suggestions?

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Also, I'm looking for critique on my method and style of a video tutorial. So, if you have any constructive criticism, please feel free to offer it.