One time instead of repeated execution inside 'app trigger'?

Hello there,

I’m using KM 7.3.1 on OS X 10.5.5.
With a ‘hot key’ I want to execute a specific ‘menu item’ of a running application.

The macro I set up is working - but it is executed repeatedly and I would like to execute it only > once <.

But the options in KM only allow repeated execution while chosing either ‘is active’ or ‘is running’ - as mentioned here >

These are my steps:

  • add macro > name the macro > new trigger > application trigger > select application XY > is active (or: ‘is running’) > (and that’s the point: there is no option for one time execution for these two conditions) > repeating every x secons/minutes/hours
  • add hotkey > e.g. ‘shift-6’
  • will execute the following action:
  • select or show a menu item > select menu in > application XY > menu title YZ > menu item ZZ

What is wrong with my macro or is there another way to execute a menu item in a running application > only once and not repeatedly?

Any help is highly appreciated - thanks in advance.


It sounds like you've inadvertently confused application conditions ( with application triggers. By setting your macro to an app trigger, which executes macros based on application status regardless of hotkey, you've basically told it to keep executing repeatedly as long as the app is frontmost (active) or simply running, which clearly isn't what you want.

Here are two possible ways you can set up a macro to only execute via a hotkey as long as an app is running:

  1. Create a new macro group, or assign an existing one, to only be active while you are using the app in question (manual page:

  2. Use an If Then Else action (manual page: to determine if the app in question is active or running before executing the "Select or Show Menu Item" action.

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Thank you very much (!) for your kind, qualified and extraordinary detailed answer - wow :ok_hand:

Even though it took quite some time until I understood, that not only the macro list in the middle of KM’s window have conditions or attributes on the rightside, but as well the macro groups on the left hand side.

I managed then to realize your first solution, and everything works fine now.
I will try on the next weekend to work out the second way as well.

I’m using KM for maybe 3 years now and still am surprised, how complex and powerfull it is.

Thanks again very much and best regads,

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Same here. I learn something new about KM almost every day. I know many others feel the same.

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@ JMichaelTX - thanks for reading and your hint.

I think you mean this checkbox:

I checked it already directly after answering to the post of gglick ... doesn't it show up in the post?
To me it seems so -

Yep, it sure does. I must have overlooked it when I made my post.