Open current URL in Firefox Developer Edition

I have this macro I very often use to open my current Safari URL in Google Chrome :

open current url in chrome.kmmacros (26.5 KB)

Does anyone know how I can modify it to open the URL in firefox developer edition instead?

Currently I can do this :

open current url in firefox.kmmacros (27.3 KB)

But I hope there is a more pragmatic solution to this.

Take a look at how I GET the URL in FireFox in this macro.
At the point where I do a COPY, you could do PASTE.

Get the Browser Page Title & URL for Safari, Chrome, or FireFox

Any reason you're not just using the Safari Develop menu "Open Page With" command, either on its own or as part of a "Select or Show a Menu Item" action in KM?

Oh wow. That is really useful indeed.

However I have this annoying issue that I can’t use ‘Select or Show a Menu Item’ because my menu bar is hidden by default.

@nikivi, it’s real simple:

  1. Activate FireFox
  • Type Keystroke “⌘L”
  • Insert Text by Pasting %SafariURL%