Open Selected URLs From a List of 20


I often open and choose the same web sites from a list of about 20.

I would like to know what the most efficient approach would be to do so.

The idea is to display a list of URLs → user selects a few → User press hotkey and those sites open. I could even add select browser and if new window created or not at the end.

I can do this with open files thanks to @JMichaelTX 's macro

MACRO: Choose File From Folder List With Incremental-Search and AutoComplete

But I can't figure out how to apply it to web sites.

Thank you.

I'm just testing a version of A Few Favorites that adds a fourth column for URLs. Bookmarks, essentially, but supporting any URL protocol (like facetime://).

I'll be releasing it shortly but the trick for URLs is to use the Open URL action rather than the Open action. If you want to roll your own list of bookmarks, that's the ticket.

Fantastic! I am reading through the documentation and the structure of the macro. Can't believe I never saw your macro before.

Just an idea: in addition to URLs how about adding a list of favorite KM macros?

I have a list of macros that I often run. It would be yet another approach to running macros apart from palettes, including the global macro palette, shortcuts, etc

I am also going to look at your personal repertory of macros because you seem very talented.

Thanks VERY much !

Hey @ronald,

That's not overly difficult.


Open Selected URLs Using a Prompt With List Action v1.00.kmmacros (9.0 KB)


Keyboard Maestro Export


A superb macro, beyond my capabilities. Thanks very much.

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Dissect the macro and see how it works, so the above is no longer true.



Good point. Thank you.

Well (he says with a wink), with URL support in A Few Favorites, any Keyboard Maestro macro that can be triggered by a URL (Triggered by Script up top on each macro) can indeed be activated by the new version. Just tested that, in fact.

I'm not sure it's useful for more than a handful of macros so I think that suffices. At least for the kind of macro whose trigger you forget but need nonetheless. More popular ones become habit.


Yes, it makes sense. Macros have URLs. Thank you

It's a very nice macro. I added it to my global macro palette.
Since there is a very nice search function, I was wondering

  • why the number of macros would be limited to 20 ?
  • do you see a way that I could use the macro to open a group of for example 6 related URLs as I sometimes do ?
    thank you

I have gone through the macro action by action. All seems clear except for below.
What is the purpose and what does the regex do ?
The only reason I would see to edit the list is to address multi-line URLs
thank you

Hey @ronald,

There is NO limit to the number of URLs.

  • Put a label you like in the list.
  • Put a number of URLs in a variable.
  • When you choose the label have your macro open all of those URLs.

The double-underscore lets you show ONLY the label in the Prompt with List action.

When you make your choice the replace action STRIPS OFF the label, so the URL can work properly.

Read about double-underscores on the wiki:

Prompt With List Action


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Thanks very much.

I created 4 variants:

  • created 2 browser variants Chrome + Safari

  • For each browser Chrome and Safari, I created a variant which I called "open in same tab" using the one and only @DanThomas 's macro

The only difference is the last action which I changed to the action below.

Thank you again CC very much and thank you @DanThomas