Open several multiple urls in excel sheet(urls in different cell)

Anyone can help for opening multiple urls in same row of Excel sheet by triggering?
I wonder if you uploaded image case be seen.
I will explain my wish any way in case image is not visible.
Let's assume date stored in excel sheet as follow


I want to store Col A on system clip board by pressing Cmd+C first.
And, By triggering certain hot ket, open three links in Col B,C and D in either safari or Chrome.

Would this be possible to implement on KM?


I don’t have a good answer for you but the way I’d start to solve this is by working out which keystrokes I need to do this.

Do you mean hot key? I prefer Option+W if I have understood correctly.
In excel sheet, there will more more than 1000 lines of link date.
Thus, first action is to locate column A to match with data(e.g. REF01) in system clipboard and open urls in same row,
Many thanks for quick answer and help.
Do you think this can be implemented on KM by your gut feeling?

I don’t know but there are two things here:

  • Navigate to next wanted cell
  • Work on the contents of that cell

Of course you need to do this in a loop (or two) and find terminating conditions - such as an empty cell.

I’m just breaking the problem down so you (or someone else) can work on the pieces.

While I need to work on automating cell processing with Excel I don’t have thie particular need. (I have enormous frustrations with Excel which this sort of thing might help with.)

Please let us know how you get on.

I do not know much about KM.
Would my question work on KM like you described below by triggerig on same row in excel?

  • Navigate to next wanted cell(move to colume B, C, D
  • Work on the contents of that cell(open url in new tab - safari/chrome)
    End after coluem D link opening


I would guess the way to access the contents of a cell is Cmd+a followed by Cmd+c to copy it to the clipboard. I wouldn’t know about navigation.

I might play with this myself. As I say, I have reasons to get beyond the unpleasantness I find in Excel.

So Cmd+a turns out not to be needed to get the contents of a cell...

  • Cmd+c copies the current cell's contents to the clipboard. (Probably can do something similar to copy the contents elsewhere, such as a private clipboard.)
  • Arrow keys navigate - horizontally and vertically. This can definitely be simulated by KM.
  • Cmd+a selects all the cells. Cmd+c then copies all the cells' contents to the clipboard. The cells in a row are separated by a tab character. The rows are separated by newlines.

So a little experimentation yielded the above. I think it's the basis for quite a lot of automation.

Hoping this helps. And that the exercise of problem decomposition is also valuable, @glore.

Here's an example that will help you get started.
You will need to modify to suit your exact needs.

Let us know if this meets your needs.

Select the Cell in Col A in Excel that you are interested in.
This requires that Col E is empty for the rows with the REF data.

Then Trigger this KM Macro

MACRO:   Open URLs in Excel Cells [Example]

~~~ VER: 1.0    2020-01-19 ~~~
Requires: KM 8.2.4+   macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)+
(Macro was written & tested using KM 9.0+ on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave))

DOWNLOAD Macro File:

Open URLs in Excel Cells [Example].kmmacros
Note: This Macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. You must enable before it can be triggered.


Hi JMichaelTx,
Many thanks always and the macro you provide works prefectly.
Practically, I have a other data cell in between the links like attached.
To see the link more efficiently, I need to open ecah of line in new Chrome window.
Aftet O colume, there will be 20 more data cell in each row.
Would this also possible?

Hey @glore, just a tip for future posts:

As a rule of thumb, always post a complete real-world data set in your first post, not an oversimplified abstraction.

Similar here, post your real requirements in the first post. Creating a new Chrome window for every row is quite different from “open three links in Col B,C and D in either safari or Chrome” as you demanded in your OP.

In this case you really should upload a complete example sheet (as .zip), in addition to the screenshot.

To upload a file, just drag it from the Finder into the forum editor window.


Thanks, Tom. You hit the nail on the head.

@glore, you may want to read:
Tip: How Do I Get The Best Answer in the Shortest Time?

When you have done what @Tom suggested, I'll take another look at your request. But please make sure it is fully complete this time.

Attached is complete example sheet. I will store three links in each row in attached file and would like to open three links at the same time in different browser or tab by triggering hot key from column A in relevant row. The links to be opened in browser is column J, AA and AD.
It can be more in the future if something need more.
I will need 2-3 monitors to see at the same time to save clicking and seeing different data.
I ran your code last time, and it worked. But there was no data column in between links.
Please help! I am being interested in KM more and more. Why people are noting using this kind of amazing tool. Thanks in advance for help.

, (12.4 KB)