Open Text Field That Then Send Text to New Note Inside Notes App [SOLVED]

Catalina. I actually Googled this and saw that Monterey has this feature...
Any idea on how to make it work with KM?

Which note app do you have? Some (mine) have a small floating window show/hide for such purposes.
Otherwise maybe something with named clipboards????

You can do this but not in the background without first converting the text to HTML. I'm not sure how to do that, so if you don't mind showing the Notes app, we can knock something together.

I use the default Notes app from Apple

I still haven't done my research when it comes to the named clipboards, so I don't know how they work.

I found this other macro that can be, at least, a little help in case my request for the Notes app isn't possible at all:

With some modifications, it can be better than opening the Notes app and all that. The only thing is that I then have to copy the notes manually, but at least I can do that when the time comes, instead of doing it when I'm having the idea for the note

Good, then you can easily show and hide a (small) floating window with a shortcut.

Check this:

It's an alternative, if the Notes app route isn't possible or easy.
With some tweaks, maybe that's an alternative.

But let me know if the Notes option is possible?

What do you mean by "showing the Notes app"?

Actually opening it.

Anything in particular that you need to see?

Is this what you need?

No no. I’m saying that it isn’t possible to create a new note without opening the application as part of the macro. If you want to create a new note in the background, you’ll need someone more experienced than I am to try writing directly to the notes folder.

@iamdannywyatt Just out of curiosity. What's the problem with having this app open, are you low on ram?

Not a problem per se. I just like to only have the apps open if I'm using them. It's an OCD thing, I guess... :wink:

But even if that wasn't an issue, if I'm working on a certain app and I want to just register an idea, I don't want to leave that app, go to Notes, click the Notes folder, create new Note, type in, go back to the original app.

I just want to hit the shortcut > type > click OK to save and close the window. Back to work! :slight_smile:

If this is not possible at all, then I will stick to that macro I shared:

The only thing that's bothering me a little bit is the one-line text field. Do you think there's a way to have a multiple line text area?

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This is not necessary

Exactly. You can close the main window and show/hide only the notes window with a shortcut.

by the way, also via macos services (quick note) the app must be open, otherwise it will be opened.

Oh ok. I misunderstood the meaning of your words. My bad...
Yes, I would like to avoid opening the app at all.

Yes, that would be easy to set up, but that's a lot of "flashing" on the screen with apps opening and closing, if you know what I mean?

Unless you have a way to do it that I'm not aware?

Not exactly. It's just that one window that comes or goes. :man_shrugging:

What do you have in mind?
I'm not getting how this can be achieved...

@iamdannywyatt How about this?

Catalina Quick Note.kmmacros (41 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Probably exactly as you think :slight_smile:
You open a note in a separate window. Then you close the main window of the app. Now you just have to add a shortcut to KM show/hide notes. This then only affects this window, whose location and size you can define. the cursor stays where it was last and you can continue writing directly. If you want, you can make it float, so you can also import something with drag and drop, for example from a browser.