Other icons “Export as Trigger File...”


I often use the “Export as Trigger File...” function, and I noticed that the icon of the generated file was perhaps not quite finalized with an unsightly vertical line on it's right!.

I propose another version with a variation for the icon of the application itself... just for fun!...




You're right about the glitch in the icon, and there is a further issue in one of the smaller resolutions as well.


I do like the style of your alternatives, the texture and the slight glow of the ⌘ symbols are very nice, though I prefer the taller look of the originals. The one with the wand is particularly nice as well, though I prefer the darker icon, but that might be just because I have a dark keyboard.

Thank you Peter for your appreciation... :wink:

The idea (the little game) was also to use the template provided from Big Sur by Apple for the design of the icons...

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Yes it looks prettier :grinning:

The glitch is fixed for the next version.

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Perfect!... :slightly_smiling_face:

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