Page down to control Powerpoint & Acrobat at same time


We run a small video studio and I've run into a problem that I hope can be solved with Keyboard Maestro. We have someone presenting a series of lectures in PPT, but their notes are in PDF, including some figures they want to reference, so presenter mode can't be used.

I'm wondering if there's a way in Keyboard Maestro to tell the Page Down key to advance both the full screen PPT as well as the PDF in the secondary monitor at the same time, even though Acrobat is running in the background and PPT is full screened. Thanks!

Hey hey, definitely possible with Keyboard Maestro.

Not sure if that's the best approach but you could try:
Activate Application: Adobe Acrobat
Type a Keystroke: Page Down
Activate Application: Powerpoint
Type a Keystroke: Page Down

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I might be wrong, but I think the intent is to do it without interrupting the full-screen PowerPoint presentation.

well, can be done, author said they use two monitors, so KM can work. Example: