Palette Assignment Question

I am sorry I can't figure thus out. When a macro is created, it can be triggered by a hotkey or a bunch of other actions. However, from a palette standpoint, it only gives the option to be triggered by the Global Macro Palette. I would like to be able to select another palette to trigger it with.

For example, I have created a palette called Outlook and it only is active when Outlook is active. Any macro I put into that Macro Group shows in the Outlook Palette when Outlook is active. So far so good.

But, I have like 20 macros in the Outlook Macros group. I want some of these to show in the Outlook Palette. I can do this by copying or moving the ones I want to the Outlook palette group but copying is problematic for making modifications of a macro and moving makes me look at two places to modify a macro. If I had the "Triggered By" option of "Outlook Macro Palette Trigger" than I have all I want. For the macros, I want to appear on the Outlook Palette, I just also put a trigger for it on the macro solving the above copy/move problems.

In short, what I am looking to do is have the "Outlook Palette" as an option on this menu:


I am sure that this is very easy, but can'y figure it out.

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Welcome to Keyboard Maestro forums! This is a great place, full of patient people who love to help out.

I'm not sure how to make your palette appear in the trigger options, but let me propose something else that might work for you.

When I have a macro that I want available in multiple macro groups and therefore multiple palettes, I place it in a completely different macro group called "Nested Macros". Then, in each macro group (and palette) that I want it to appear in, I make another macro that is called the same thing, and the only action is to "Execute a macro", which points to the nested one. This way I can have essentially one macro (the nested one) for modification purposes, but it can be triggered from multiple macro groups.

For instance, I may want a macro to open Safari. I will create it, name it "Open Safari (nested)", and place it in my "Nested Macros" group. Then I can make other macros called only "Open Safari", and place those in whatever else macro groups I want, and literally the only thing they do is trigger the nested macro.

I hope that makes sense and that it might help. I imagine there are other solutions to your issue; this is simply what I do to avoid having to modify multiple macros when I want to use them across several palettes.

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A different approach here, but there is a way within Keyboard Maestro to create an alias to a macro. See this thread, Make Macro Alias.

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