Palette with KM shortcuts for the app

Is it possible to easily show a palette with all KM macros for a certain Group (in my case typically organised by application)?

Thanks --Mike

I understand the correct @Michiel… a palette ( and there then contain all macros for compose, trash, attachments etc?

No, I was possibly not clear enough.

Have a look at this screenshot:

You can see a bunch of macros I've created for Filemaker. Possibly, when using Filemaker, I may not remember what the shortcut was for a certain KM macro. So I'd like to create a macro that will show me this list, with the shortcuts next to it, for all macros in a certain group.
Can I do this easily?

Thanks & cheers --Mike

See if this will work for you.
Use the "Trigger by Name" Action in a macro.
When you trigger this macro, it will show a list of all macros active and enabled .
If you type "g:<GroupName>" then it will filter the list for that group.

For example, I typed "g:out" to filter for my Outlook group:

Note that if the macro name to too long, the hotkey trigger may not be shown.

But, you can continue to type to further filter the list:

Hello Michael,

Thanks for this tip, finally came round trying this. Works nicely, but I can’t pass it any parameters unfortunately (e.g. “g:preview” - show all Preview shortcuts). Also strangely enough, I can’t let KM type text into it, even with a 1.5 second delay… No way to further automate this? Or is there a palette alternative to display the KM shortcuts for a specific group?

Thanks & cheers --Mike

You might find this macro by @DanThomas more flexible:
MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight)

However, I’m not sure if it supports the filters (like “g:”) that the native KM Trigger by Name does. You might need to ask Dan.

I just ran into this problem myself trying to remember some infrequently used shortcuts.

My solution was to duplicate Preview Group (Cmd-D) and turn it into a palette activated by a Hot Key.

That displays the list (you can include a display of the triggers too) and lets you select from it with the house.

Which is all I really needed to remember what shortcuts I’ve created.

Instead of duplicating, or making “aliases” for macros, you can use this technique to show a palette for a macro group and still keep all of the macros active all the time:
###MACRO: @Palette Show/Hide Palette for @FrontMost App

Neat! I like that because it avoids duplicating the shortcut macros.

But because these are text expansions, I have a lot of applications in which I want to use my shortcuts so adding an Otherwise application for resembles work.

Instead, I swapped the test around so that the If statement tests a string of all my applications (eg. “TextWrangler Atom BBEdit Finder Postbox InDesign TextEdit Safari”) and the Contains box looks at “%Application%1%” – and that works nicely with just the one If statement for everything.


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If you have only one Macro Group you want to show the palette for for all apps, then that should work fine. In my case, I have a different Macro Group for each app (in most cases), so I need a Switch based on App Name.

If I have a common Macro Group that I want to use for multiple apps, I simply have a macro in the main App group that shows a palette for one action from that common group.

I like that solution most of all.