Palettes all changed with V11

All of my palettes changed with the upgrade to version 11. The defaults all changed to Autumn but that is not what is being displayed. All the palettes are coming up with a black background and small white type. I have to go it each macro group and reconfigure the setting for each palette.

Is this a bug? Or something I can fix globally?


Hi, @HeatherH, I've seen this too. I've reported it to @peternlewis.

There's a simple fix. In the Theme Editor you show in the second screenshot, check, then uncheck the Shrink checkbox before you close the Theme Editor.


The Show Palette of Macros action in v10 showed the Conflict theme always.

In v11, the Show Palette of Macros action shows the default theme by default, but you can configure it any way you like in the action. However there is a bug in 11.0 such that it does not display correctly until you make a change to the theme in the action. This is fixed for the next version.

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