Paste Debugger Toggle Macro Into Current Macro. Is This the Best Option?

I often wish to add a "Debugger" into a working macro. In the paste I would toggle the debugger on, putting it at the top of the Macros column, then drag it to the desired location.

••Debugger•• Macro (v9.2)

••Debugger••.kmmacros (27 KB)

Recently I created a named clipboard containing the Debugger macro and added a macro to paste it. Works great! I just wonder if there is a better way to do this. I'm sure this is not a new idea and I'd like to know what the "best practice" would be.

For me the "best practice" is to

  1. select the Action just before I want the "Debugger",
  2. press ⌘⌃A to invoke "Insert Action by Name",
  3. type "debug",
  4. select "Debugger Breakpoint" if not already selected.

Much simpler to do than to explain. :wink:

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If you want a one keystroke method of insertion then what you've done is fine.

I use KMFAM myself, but I also have a system that uses a templates macro group along with a little AppleScript.

My system is easier to maintain than named clipboards.


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