Pause Until Button Clicked?

I have read several other threads related to this, but I am still not absolutely clear on how to use the Pause Until Button Condition action.

we get these choices:

Are these conditions clearly defined somewhere?

I guess it looks like none of them will tell KM which button is clicked, correct?
Is there anyway to detect which button was clicked?

Here's my use case:

  1. App: Evernote Mac
  2. Purpose: initiate a "Copy Note to Notebook" function
  3. User may choose a NB, and then click "COPY" button
  4. User may click "CANCEL" button.
  5. IF the user cancels, I need to cancel the macro.

Everything else is working great. I do a Pause Until Front App Window Title is NOT empty, and that pauses KM until the user clicks "Cancel" or "Copy".

But I need to know which button was clicked! :confused:

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See the documentation for the Button Condition.

No, there is no way to do that. You could perhaps enable a macro to trigger on a a USB Device Key mouse button and look at the mouse location.

You could put up a palette with Copy/Cancel, and use the palette instead of the button, and have it click the button.