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I recently upgraded PDFPen Pro. Of course, one of the things I do most with it is HighLight text. For previous versions I made a Conflict Palette with choices for various colors. That no longer works, because the various colors have become a series of circles in a horizontal format. But they must have some other form of identifier. Anybody have an idea what that could be and how it might be used? I've looked through their Help manual, but didn't find anything that seemed useful.


does it support AppleScript? check the information returned from using

On my copy if I hover on the color long enough a popup comes up that gives the keyboard shortcut for the color. Looks like cmd+option+shift 1 is color 1, cmd+option+shift 2 is color 2 and so on.

Send those keystrokes to the app to select them.


When I follow these directions:

1- No highlighting happens.
2- Skitch pops up on my screen. The keyboard shortcut for Skitch is Shift-Command-5 to take a crosshair screenshot of a specified area of the screen.

Just made an error above. That is the result of cmd+option+shift 1.

cmd+option+shift 2 gives the proper Red Highlighting and no sign of Skitch.

Going to need more details on what your macro does. Also, have you checked if some other app, such as Keyboard Maestro itself, is intercepting the cmd+shift+option 1 keystroke? I find that's the usually the problem when I send a keystroke that doesn't work.

Macro below works for me. The download version contains 4 macros with the same hotkey so they trigger the conflict palette. I used control+option+h for my hotkey.

Test Macro to Set Highlight using color 1

Download of 4 macros for colors 1-4

PDFPen Pro Highlights Macros.kmmacros (9.5 KB)

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My macros are exactly the same as yours except they assume that you're already in PDFPen Pro, so they only have the single step which coincides with the App's Opt-Shift-Cmd 1, 2, 3, 4.

2, 3, & 4 work perfectly. Only #1 kicks Skitch to the front and doesn't highlight anything. I figure Skitch has a shortcut that uses the same or overlapping keys, but can't find anything in the menus. I have also looked in KeyCues, but not been able to find anything in Skitch with those keys.


Digging around it appears the Skitch Helper app (in the menu bar) is the one that has Opt+Shift+Cmd 1 and is opening Skitch with that.

Not sure it's an option for you, but not running the Skitch Helper app and replacing the other hot keys that Skitch has with Keyboard Maestro shortcuts might be an option?

you can see the Option+Shift+Cmd 1 setting in the screenshot under "Grabbing Screenshots" here:

Thanks! At least I know what I'm up against now...