Please Tell Me Why Semaphore Lock Doesn't Work

I'm using a MacBook with clamshell mode.

This action will activate when It plugs my laptop into my monitor at home. This macro will trigger, recognising a USB mic at the home.

But it is inevitably executed twice. So I decided to introduce semaphore lock. But that doesn't change anything. Do you have any idea why?

Monterey 6.2, KM 10.2



You should try to setup the timeout of the semaphore Lock to 1 hundredth of a second.

First macro will trigger but every other will abort as soon as they start.

See that in another post in this amazing forum. Hope it helps.


Thank you! It works well!!

That post can be found here:


Thank you for your detailed advice. I will try to change that setting immediately!
Thanks for providing me with the file management macros the other day. I like that macro of yours👍


Some time ago I compared different ways of using Semaphore Lock and Disable/Enable Macro and what they do exactly:

Maybe you will find it useful.


Thank you very much for your many messages on my small post! Actually, I used your topic as a reference to learn how to use that action. But my English level was low so I couldn't understand it perfectly. But you kindly gave me a supplementary explanation, which helped me to understand better :+1:

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