Possible Bug: Periodic Trigger’s %TriggerBase% Value Has Changed in KM11?

Hey @peternlewis, very excited about KM11! Quick note: it appears that the value the %TriggerBase% token returns for the periodic trigger has changed and is now tPeriodicTriggerTitle. See the attached screenshots.

Screenshots (click to expand/collapse)

This has caused problems with my macros that use this trigger as they no longer trigger properly. In KM10 the value was simply Periodic Trigger. Is there any way you can change this back? I have a lot of macros that do different things based on triggers, and KM11 has broken all of them. I had to temporarily revert back to 10 in the meantime. :sob:

If it’s not possible, no problem, I’ll just adjust my macros to match the new value. Thanks as always!


EDIT: I searched through your KM11 announcement to see if there was any mention of %TriggerBase% that I missed and didn’t see anything.

Yes, that looks to be a bug (if that's the biggest one, I'll be very happy!).

It's actually referenced indirectly here:

  • Fixed a performance issue in the editor switching to/from macros with large numbers of triggers. (forum)

As part of changes to fix that a lot of internal changes to triggers were made, including breaking the Time trigger up into its components (including At Time and Periodic as well as a couple others).

Anyway, I'll get that fixed, though probably not overly quickly.

I can imagine. :sweat_smile:

Ok thanks for the reference.

I'll be on the lookout for v11.1 :grin:

EDIT: Now that I think about it, there was another odd behavior I was seeing before reverting... I would randomly get blank display text windows appearing, and I’m curious if it’s connected to this trigger issue, because a lot of my macros make use of the trigger to either send Pushover notifications, or display text etc. With the changed %TriggerBase% value, those macros might have been showing a display window (albeit blank) because it wasn’t detecting that it was a periodic trigger.

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Update: Hey @peternlewis just an FYI (you’re probably already aware), the Time of Day Trigger is suffering from the same issue.

Bug Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

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I'm not surprised, and I have a note to check on all of them when I look at it, but it's good to know it is definitely an issue.

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These should be resolved for the next version.

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Good to know, thanks Peter!

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