Performance of a macro with many key triggers

For How to wait for any key in a macro I wrote a macro that has 70 hot key triggers (=it attempts to watch for "any" key).

In the KM editor I noticed switching to and from this macro takes 0.5 to 1 second which feels disconcertingly long (but is for me not really a problem).

But it got me thinking: Do I have to worry about any performance issues in usage of such a macro?

There shouldn't be any performance issues. Keyboard Maestro triggers are designed to be very efficient, regardless of the numbers.

The editor can slow down with large quantities of actions or triggers, and certainly that is quite a few triggers, and creating all the views can take a while. But I wouldn't expect it to be that slow. I'll take a look.

Thanks for your input, Peter.

As long as usage is fine, I don't worry.

This should be resolved in the next version - switching to/from macros with large numbers of triggers should be much faster.

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