Possible? Move Mouse Pointer to Colour Highlight?

Hello everyone, this might be hard for me to explain so please bare with me as im new here.

Okay, the basic thing i want to do, is find a word on a browser ( maybe use the built in browser one ) then when it is highlighted - have maestro click that link / move the mouse to click it.

Now here is the thing, might be different words, in different places each time?

So really a - move to a colour on the screen thing...

Hope that make sense, would love to know if this is possible in anyway.


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Now, let's get to solving your problem :smile:

First, by "highlight" a word (or phrase) in the browser, do you mean by:

  1. Result of a Browser Find Command?
  2. Manually selecting it?

I'm pretty sure both can be handled, but let's get your objective/purpose first.

Hello @JMichaelTX thanks for the reply.

Result of browser find.

I’ve tried using the click after finding an image.... and just added the highlight color ‘ yellow‘ as an image... but finds multiple and doesn’t carry on. Probably not the right way but gave it a go.

The highlight word would be different & in a different place each time.

All the best.

Soooo an update, Ive tried using the click at found image, by adding a small screenshot of the highlight color.

Now this works on my iMac? But not my mac mini... Any ideas?

Hey @pkjack,

First guess – different resolution.

Retake the image to find on the Mini for the Macro.

I got good results on my system by taking a screenshot of some highlighted text like so:

Search field open and active in Brave (or Chrome):

I then zoomed it up on GraphicConverter like so:


And I took a sliver of color 3 letters wide that included the edge and corner.

You also have to make allowances for the fact that the highlight color is different than normal in several browsers when the search field is active.

Search field closed in Brave (or Chrome):


You also have to realize that in some browsers that search field is actually treated as a window, so when it's open Keyboard Maestro find image action “front window” parameter probably won't work.


then you don't need KM.
After the Browser Find has selected/highlighted the text/link of interest, just press ESC and then RETURN to go to the link.

Just tested in Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100 (3770.100) on macOS 10.14.5 and it works fine.