Power hungry Pause Action

I used a 30 minute Pause Action to create a flexible timer that would notify me when the time was up and then ask via Prompt for User Input if I would like to repeat the macro. It worked very well for my purposes but drained my battery. Is there a more energy efficient way to create a recurring timer like this? Is there a way to execute a macro X minutes after current time? Thanks for any help.

Try a trigger, 'Periodically while logged in' for your macro. I suggest you try that option first and see if you can jig your macros round that trigger.

Evan make a seperate macro that is in turn triggered by whatever it is that creates your need for a timer. You can stop a macro in a similar way.
Let us know if there is something I have missed regarding your workflow?

I don't know exactly what you are doing of course. You can trigger macros from within macros, sort of chain them as I think of it. I always think of the pause action as having most use when macro actions are happening too fast so to speak and you need, really, a brake, not for what you are using it for. I didn't know it could go on for so long actually.

And macro running will cause Keyboard Maestro to use appreciable CPU, even if the macro is just running a pause action.

Keyboard Maestro is designed to use very little CPU (and energy) when no macro is running, but if any macro is running, then it will use appreciable (or even very large) amounts of CPU.

To avoid this, make use of the various ways of triggering a macro, and of enabling/disabling macros or activating/deactivating macro groups.

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Have you considered using the Mac Reminders app? Seems ideal for your use case.

At first glance, it would appear that you could use the Periodic trigger, but unfortunately it is designed to operate on specific intervals. For example, if you set it to repeat every 30 minutes, then it triggers only on the hour and half-hour -- not 30 minutes from now.

So, while you might be able to devise a complex set of macros to provide you with a Reminder that is triggered n minutes from now, it doesn't seem worth the effort to me, when the Reminders app will easily do exactly that.

So, here's an example macro and AppleScript to make it easy to set a Reminder:

Set Reminder with Alarm in 20 min Macro

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I see. When I tried to do this I will say it became very complicated.
It would be useful to see exactly what @Spencer_Cook was doing I guess?